Podcasting Automation – How to Automate Your Podcast

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Who do you need in your team to make the perfect automated podcast process?

Who do you need on your team to make the perfect automated podcast process?


In radio, they have many people working on a single show. You have producers, researchers and other people working behind the scenes. So in this episode, we talked about podcasting automation and the whole podcast process just like in radio. Who do you need on your team to make the perfect automated podcast process?


The researcher is like your journalist who will do your preparation and the groundwork of the podcast. Their primary task will be to find content for you from topics and niches on a local or even an international level. In case of an interview-style radio show, they will find you guests that you can present in your podcast and even research everything needed about your guests, including what questions to ask!


Depending on what kind of format your podcast is, you can outsource the podcast host! There are many radio presenters and voice-over artists who should be up to the task. However, a radio presenter may be better equipped to be a host, because of their experience in radio doing ad-libs and making the podcast spontaneous and sound more natural.

Audio Producer

The audio producer is the one who will make you and your raw audio sound amazing! This is a very important aspect, as you can’t really compromise the quality of your audio. You need one who can look after the audio you made after recording, and do tasks like stop the popping in the audio and put in some music like an intro and outro sound.

Web Publisher

Someone who can publish and tie in everything that you’ve done up to this point to your website is your web publisher. The web publisher is basically someone who will upload your podcast to WordPress, or on your media host like Libsyn, Spreaker or SoundCloud. Their job essentially entails formatting everything in your website, like tagging and making it beautiful by adding pictures and other aesthetics.


The proofreader is the one who will check and correct your content, making sure it is ready before it goes live for the world to see. We believe proofreading is also an important part of the chain in producing and automating your podcast, but it is a task that you can consider consolidating with the researcher or web publisher’s roles – depending on your needs.

Social Media Marketer

Finally, you also need someone who will promote your podcast on social media channels to get those listens! The social media marketer is the one who will look over your whole social media promotion cycle and get your podcast known and publicised. You can actually find quality people up to this task in places like oDesk and Freelancer; just don’t be afraid to test who will do this step in the process for you!

Call to Action

If you are looking to outsource your podcast host or your audio producer, you can go to Music Radio Creative for more information on such services. Let us know how you are doing with your podcast and if you have additional steps we haven’t mentioned, as we’d love to hear from you!