New Media Europe 2015

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New Media Europe

In this episode, we wanted to talk about the conference that we have been working on and organised for the last 2 years: New Media Europe 2015. New Media Europe will bring together podcasters, bloggers, online video creators, social media fanatics, entrepreneurs and people who just love social media! Podcasters often have a blog and generally an online presence, so you really have to know more about new media in general. This conference would be the best opportunity to get knowledge from people all over the world who are superstars in the field, as we are bringing them over to UK! It’s not only a great learning opportunity and a great networking opportunity to meet the experts, but it’s also a great source of inspiration for starting your podcast or that new media presence!

The Speakers

Some of the speakers who are confirmed for New Media Europe 2015 include:

  • Cliff Ravenscraft is a full-time podcast producer and also a consultant and coach. He is the founder of the GSPN podcast network and will be our opening keynote at New Media Europe 2015!
  • Chris Ducker is also a British podcaster who is based in the Philippines, and he’s coming home to the UK for this conference! Chris is also the author of the bestselling new media book, Virtual Freedom.
  • We have the Suitcase Entrepreneur, Natalie Sisson, coming all the way from New Zealand, as one of our keynote speakers!
  • We also have Jon Buscall (@jonbuscall), a marketing specialist from Sweden; Ian Cleary, a social media expert from Ireland; Andrea Vahl, a Facebook expert from the US who is the co-founder of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies; and Anthony de Souza from CrowdFunding Focus.

They are just some of the amazing speakers that we will have for New Media Europe 2015. More people, more speakers, more sponsors, and more sessions and ideas are being added on a weekly basis!

Date & Venue

New Media Europe is going to take place in Manchester, UK, at the lovely Midland Hotel on September 12 and 13, 2015. We want to bring you an experience that will last for 2 full days, while providing all the facilities and being very accessible, so we’ve decided the venue will be in Manchester, UK!

The Conference That Is Going To Sell Out

We still have 9 months to go before New Media Europe 2015, but we have already sold over 30% of the capacity limit. This is definitely the conference that is going to sell out. There will be new announcements in 2015 that we aren’t allowed to talk about at the moment, but it’s definitely going to be huge! You have until the end of the year to grab the early-bird tickets, which are cheaper than the full price. So treat it like your Christmas gift or your New Year’s resolution, and get your tickets, or else it might be too late!

Join UK Podcasters

We’d like you to check out our UK Podcasters group. Wherever you are in the world you’ll see the fantastic podcasting that is happening here in the UK and in Europe.

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