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Listen to the Episode Below
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Powered by the Simple Podcast Press Player

Simple Podcast Press was created by Hani Mourra; he is very friendly and I am really grateful that he gave me the opportunity to try it out, and he even shared a really interesting PDF: 10 Podcasting Productivity Hacks. I have yet to extensively test it, but I’ve had a very nice chat with the developer and have had a lot of good words about the Simple Podcast Press from some of our podcasting friends, like John Lee Dumas on entrepreneuronfire.com, as well as Dave Jackson from theschoolofpodcasting.com, who also uses it. That just goes to show that it has features which may be especially good to podcasters.

Podcasting and List-Building

Izabela and I reckoned that list-building is essential, even if you’re just starting out. Capturing the email addresses of people who are interested in what you do is very important, which gives you control over what you would like to do with it in the future.

Simple Podcast Press Plugin has a built-in list-building feature. So essentially, you get the play bar with buttons underneath that link out to download, iTunes, Stitcher buttons and other audio websites where your podcast may be hosted. You can also put a mailing list sign-up!

iTunes Reviews

An interesting feature of the Simple Podcast Press plugin, which I really like, is that you can get your iTunes reviews conveniently inside the WordPress dashboard, so you can know exactly what your listeners are saying about your podcast.

Podcast Shareability

Izabela and I always like to share things, so the plugin fits right in. It has sidebar widgets to get more listeners and one-click Twitter balls for easy sharing.

Podcast Host Integration

Simple Podcast Press integrates with the big podcast hosts like Blubrry, Libsyn, Soundcloud, iTunes, Stitcher and even Spreaker! The plugin is also mobile-friendly, which Izabela just recently talked about in her podcast as being very important. We currently use Blubrry PowerPress to syndicate all our episodes and display them on the show notes pages. Hani actually told me about this fantastic feature they have, called ‘Replace Powerpress‘, with Simple Podcast Press, so I’m going to try that out.

Best-Looking Podcast Player

It is very clean and easy to use. I also like the fact that instead of having the download and iTunes link, there are little text links under your player, and you actually have big call to action buttons.

Customisable Buttons

Another great feature is being able to customise the buttons and change the colours to suit your own branding.

Exciting News About New Media!

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Join UK Podcasters

We’d like you to check out our UK Podcasters group. Wherever you are in the world you’ll see the fantastic podcasting that is happening here in the UK and in Europe.


  1. Hani Mourra says

    Hi Mike and Izabela.

    Thank you for taking the time to check out Simple Podcast Press and I’m really grateful that you dedicated an entire episode for it.

    I listened to your entire episode and really enjoyed it. I just subscribed to this episode comments and will be more than happy to answer any questions anyone else might have in the comments.

    Here are some answers to your great questions you asked during the show

    1. You pronounced my name perfectly during the introduction

    2. The email opt-in is designed to be universal. Any autoresponder that provides you with HTML embed code is supported, including GetResponse.

    3. Izabela made a great suggestion about changing the buttons per episode. I made a note of that feature. We are soon going to roll out custom buttons (basically you can link to anything you like – webinar registration pages would be a great one if you do webinars). This would be a great opportunity to add episode specific custom buttons.

    I hope I covered all the questions and thanks a ton guys for all your kind words about the plugin.


    • Mike Russell says

      Hey Hani,

      You are most welcome. It’s a great podcasting plugin you have created and we’re now using it on all of our podcasts.

      That’s brilliant to get your feedback on the questions we raised during the podcast episode. Izabela will be pleased about number 3. Great to hear you’ll be hanging out in the comments should anyone have any questions about your plugin!


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