What is the Best Microphone for Podcasting?

What’s the absolute best microphone for podcasting?

It can be one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a podcaster. What is the microphone I should use for my podcast? The good news is that https://samoletplus.ru/msk/kupit-kvartiru-s-otdelkoj/ it’s a competitive market and there are plenty of choices. Don’t stress – start recording but do not use an internal mic or Skype headset! Read on for some better podcasting microphone suggestions.

Best Podcasting Microphone Under £50

Look into the Samson Q2U USB/XLR Microphone (UK) which is around £40 or $40 if you’re in the US. A microphone that is often recommend similar to the Samson Q2U is the AUDIO TECHNICA ATR2100-USB Cardioid Dynamic USB/XLR Microphone but this only seems to be available in the United States right now.

They are high quality dynamic microphones which is important as a podcaster.

Why are Dynamic Microphones Important for Podcasting?

Unlike condenser microphones which pick up every single sound around you in a circle shape dynamic mics have a narrow field of focus. You have to be speaking right into the top of a dynamic microphone for the sound to be picked up.

As podcasters the microphone you use can make a great difference to your audio quality and many of us will not have perfectly soundproofed rooms like radio stations or voice actors do.

XLR or USB, what?

An XLR cable comes with most high-end microphones and some budget mics like those mentioned above. It’s ideal for plugging into a mixing desk or audio interface but you can’t plug an XLR into the back of a computer.

A USB cable is ideal for plugging right into your computer and bypassing any sound card. It’s just you, the microphone and your recording software you need to be concerned with.

The Best Microphone for Podcasting

Want to level up? It is hotly debated but we use the Heil PR-40 Professional Studio Vocal Microphone and so do many other well know and successful podcasters so why shouldn’t you consider using it too? It used to be pretty tricky to get hold of in the UK but micsdirect (official UK supplier) just launched on Amazon.co.uk! You’ll find it on at around £289 or around $327 US.

Microphone Accessories for Podcasting

Consider other kit you may need like mic stand, tripod or boom arm. Heil has a specific model PL2T boom arm and PRSMC shock mount too in black or champagne colour.

If you podcast what microphone do you use and why?